BeyonceAfter winning six Grammys, filming a Super Bowl commercial, launching a new fragrance and more or less making her name a global phenomenon this year, Beyonce took some time this week to reflect on her successes and the evolution of her career. The singer appeared on the Today Show on Wednesday (Feb. 9) where she explained that topping the success of her 'I Am...Sasha Fierce' album would be no easy feat. In fact, B admitted that it would be "hard."

"The longer you do something the harder it is to top yourself and try to discover something that you haven't done yet," Beyonce said. "Every time I'm like, 'How can I be different than what I did before?' -- and it's really challenging trying to always grow and make sure that your fans are growing with you."

On the subject of her history making Grammy sweep, the former Destiny's Child member said that she was overcome with emotions when the cameras stopped rolling. "I think I'm still in shock," she said. "I was just overwhelmed and when I walked off the stage I just started bawling -- all the years of hard work, all of the support from my family and everyone who has worked with the label. I've been doing this awhile and I started so young. We've all grown together and it's like everything I've worked for over the years, it's all paying off."

Beyoncé recently flew to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she filmed the video for Alicia Key's new single 'Put It in a Love Song.'