Equipped with a pair of green knee-highs and a cafeteria full of hot-stepping kids, Beyonce has put together the exercise-laden video 'Move Your Body,' to promote First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Campaign against childhood obesity.

According to Idolator, 'Move Your Body' is a remix of 2007's 'Get Me Bodied,' which has since been remixed by acclaimed producer Swizz Beatz. The video features the classy 'Single Lady' in a series of pop and lock dance grooves that are sure to get your heart pumping, and it even includes Bey getting a bit patriotic. "A little sweat never hurt nobody," Beyonce belts as she does the running man.

Ms. Knowles is back in the spotlight lately after releasing her latest single 'Run the World (Girls),' produced by Diplo and Switch. Check out where she landed on our Royal Couples of Music list in celebration of the Royal Wedding.

Watch Beyonce's 'Move Your Body'