Beyonce's Grammy award-winning producer Jeff Bhasker has taken to Twitter to trash Kelly Rowland's song 'Motivation.'

"How can this kr song with the weakest beat and melody of all time be the #1 song on urban!? Oh yeah. Wayne," Bhasker tweeted, aiming his barb at the track's guest artist Lil Wayne.

A little while later, Bhasker delivered a critical follow-up tweet to his 4,000 followers and made things personal: "I just listened to Motivation again to see if I was to harsh in my critique. I wasn't. The lyrics are horrid as well."

Aside from Beyonce, the Grammy-winning producer has worked with Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Jay-Z, so his critique could carry some weight. Or, just maybe, judging by his last follow-up tweet, Bhasker was just hatin' on Kelly Rowland to give the Twittersphere dwellers what they love: drama.

With Beyonce joining her Destiny's Child bandmate and 'X-Factor' judge on the show's panel, there just might be some tension in the house.