Beyonce went "down under" to premiere a clip of 'Love on Top,' her latest video. The expecting mother previewed 1:22 of the sunny visuals last night (Oct. 9) on Australia's Channel 7.

The vid finds B in a penthouse overlooking New York City -- digs that make the song's opening line, "Honey, honey, I can see the stars all the way from here," come to life.

Riding a perky '80s-style R&B groove, the pop diva gets down in black high-tops and a matching leotard, grooving alongside five male backup dancers. Her medal-covered military cap is likely a nod to Michael Jackson, one of the tune's major sonic reference points.

Beyonce performed 'Love on Top' earlier this year at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, where she also announced her pregnancy. Whether she was already expecting when she filmed the clip, B seems to radiate good feelings, projecting the optimism contained in this, one of her most instantly likable songs to date.

"You're the one I can always call when I need to make everything stop," she sings, and then the video does just that, cutting to black and leaving us anticipating the next three minutes.

Watch a Preview of Beyonce's Video for 'Love on Top'