After rumors started circulating this week about Beyonce's next album, the official news is in. The 'Flawless' songstress is releasing a limited edition box set of her most recent self-titled album.

Arriving worldwide on Nov. 24, the 'Beyonce Platinum Edition Box Set' is a two CD and two DVD set featuring all of the tracks off her latest self-titled LP. The project will also include two new tracks -- '7/11' and 'Ring Off' -- as well as four new and unreleased remixes "with some superstar collaborations" who include her hubby Jay Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Mr. Vegas and Pharrell Williams.

Just like when she released her surprise album last year, this effort will feature a DVD with 17 music videos. Then there's the live DVD, which will include 10 live performances from the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, commentary from Beyonce and a photo book. And if you didn't have enough Bey in your life, the platinum edition box set comes with a 2015 mini calendar featuring the 'Partition' singer.

Fans who previously purchased the original 'Beyonce' visual album digitally will be given the opportunity to add the bonus materials.

You can now pre-order the album.

Check out the Platinum Box Set tracklist below.

Beyonce 'Platinum Edition Box Set' Tracklist

More Audio CD
1. '7/11'
2. 'Flawless Remix' feat. Nicki Minaj
3. 'Drunk in Love Remix' feat. Jay Z & Kanye West
4. 'Ring Off'
5. 'Blow Remix' feat. Pharrell Williams
6. 'Standing on the Sun Remix' feat. Mr. Vegas

Live DVD
1. 'Run The World (Girls)'
2. '***Flawless'
3. 'Get Me Bodied'
4. 'Blow'
5. 'Haunted'
6. 'Drunk In Love' feat. Jay Z
7. '1 + 1'
8. 'Partition'
9. 'Heaven'
10. 'XO'

Original CD
1. 'Pretty Hurts'
2. 'Haunted'
3. 'Drunk in Love' feat. Jay Z
4. 'Blow'
5. 'No Angel'
6. 'Partition'
7. 'Jealous'
8. 'Rocket'
9. 'Mine' feat. Drake
10. 'XO'
11. '***Flawless' feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
12. 'Superpower' feat. Frank Ocean
13. 'Heaven'
14. 'Blue' feat. Blue Ivy

Original DVD
1. 'Pretty Hurts'
2. 'Ghost/Haunted'
3. 'Drunk In Love'
4. 'Blow'
5. 'No Angel'
6. 'Yoncé/Partition'
7. 'Jealous'
8. 'Rocket'
9. 'Mine'
10. 'XO'
11. '***Flawless'
12. 'Superpower'
13. 'Heaven'
14. 'Blue'
15. 'Grown Woman'

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