Beyonce and Pepsi announced back in December that they were working together in what at the time was rumored to be a $50 million deal. Now, their partnership is beginning to bear fruit.

The singer shared her first Pepsi print ad on her Facebook page last Thursday (Feb. 21), and it finds the singer in a variety of pop art-inspired portraits along with a can of a venerable cola.

Does the ad make you want to run to your fridge and pull a 12 oz. can from the shelf? Serious question.

In completely unrelated news, Bey is involved in a financial mess in Nigeria, where Goodluck Jonathan, the country's President, has come under fire. Jonathan is said to have used a million dollars of his state's poverty alleviation funds to pay for Beyonce and Jay-Z to perform at a music festival in Nigeria back in 2006. The pair were reportedly unaware of the coup.

And elsewhere, UK dates for the singer's world tour sold out in just over 10 minutes, leading to violence at the box office at Manchester Arena, where thugs reportedly strong-armed their way in front of people who'd been waiting hours to purchase their tickets. The box office was subsequently shut down.

"Men were ripping open fire doors that were locked," Sarah Miah, who waited 17 hours to buy her tickets, told The Mirror. "Once opened, they fought to get through one side of a double door. Children were getting crushed and screaming. It was horrible."

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