Beauty, a bevy of talent and a lot of dough. That's Beyonce in a nutshell. Now the singer's net worth is being recognized by Forbes magazine, naming her the top-earning woman in music.

Through touring, endorsements and the release of her surprise album 'Beyonce,' dropping at the close of 2013, the multi-talented entertainer pulled in a whopping $115 million this year, doubling the amount she made last year.

According to Pollstar, the 33-year-old played 95 shows during Forbes' scoring period, and raked in $24 million per city. Through huge endorsement deals with Pepsi and H&M, she easily beat out other huge pop stars like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry to score the No. 1 position.

Other singers to make the top 10 list include Rihanna, who scored the No. 4 spot, making $48 million in 2014, and Jennifer Lopez earned the No. 6 position, pulling in a ridiculous $37 million this year, making more than the ubiquitous pop diva Miley Cyrus, who made a cool $36 mil.

And Queen B, RiRi and JLo all made a considerable amount more than Lady Gaga, who seems to always be touring, as she earned $33 million, which is clearly not a bad amount for someone who many say is suffering from diminishing popularity.

But all props should go to Mrs. Carter because she certainly is one of the hardest working woman in show business.

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