Beyonce is rolling out the releases this week. The pop star debuts another video from her self-titled visual album. Drake joins the songstress in the desert for an artistic take on their duet, 'Mine.'

As the visual begins, Bey holds a mask in one hand and rests her other hand on a young child's forehead. "Been having conversations about breakups and separations / I'm not feeling like myself since the baby / Are we even gonna make it," she sings.

The song's somber tone exists throughout as dancers appear with the words "yours" and "mine" emblazoned on masks covering their faces.

The singer looks flawless in a flowing grey dress and blonde bob while later, she appears topless with the word "mine" decorated on her back. In the end, Beyonce reaches out for her lover's hand desperately, leaving us to wonder if he ever truly becomes hers.

Drake shows up to deliver some thought-provoking lyrics. "Do you wanna roll with a good girl? / Do it big, do it all for a good girl / One time, this is a song for the good girl," he raps.

'Mine' is just the latest visual from the 'Beyonce' LP. She showed us a completely different look in the fun and airy video for 'XO' and appeared 'Drunk in Love' with her husband Jay Z.