If you weren't able to see Jay Z and Beyonce's On the Run tour over the summer, then you probably missed 'Bang Bang' -- the short film that played on the Jumbotrons between sets. But not to worry, the couple have just released the first part of the visual.

Taking their duet, '03 Bonnie & Clyde,' a bit further, the black-and-white film rewinds to the 1930s, where Bey is the singing star and Jay as her beloved gangster. Fast-forward to the present, we see Beyonce behind the wheel of a 1960s Pontiac GTO with Jay's arm around her as they drive through the desert.

They stop at a diner where they discuss their next heist, but we see that they're already wanted criminals. A man sitting behind the 'Flawless' singer reads a newspaper with their mugshots on the front.

After Jay makes a sizzling warning to the man and leaves his breakfast ruined, the two drive off.

Directed by New York-based photographer and filmmaker Dikayl Rimmasch, the artistic visual displays both entertainers' acting chops. 'Bang Bang' also proves why they're still unstoppable even when they're done with the tour.

As we wait for the next clip, catch the premiere of 'On the Run' on HBO on Sept. 20 at 9:00PM.