Beyonce is in a league of her own. From her singing talents to dancing, the entertainer is pretty much unmatched by her peers. However, there is one singer that has nailed it when it comes to mimicking Queen Bey on the mic.

Jade Novah's impression of Beyonce is scary good. Novah, a longtime fan of the former Destiny's Child front woman, decided to share a video on Instagram of what the "Flawless" singer would sound like in a series of commercials. The clip has since gone viral around the internet after it was released on Sunday (Aug. 23).

Novah, who is also a singer and actress, exudes all that is Beyonce as she recites jingles like McDonald's "I'm lovin' it" and "I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid." She does it all in Bey's distinct Houston accent and intonation.

"#Beyonce makes everything sound better!," wrote Novah on Instagram.

Social media has taken a liking to Novah (so far the video has received over 11,000 likes on Instagram and over 3,000 retweets on Twitter) and there's even calls from fans to put her on Saturday Night Live. It wouldn't be the first time a great impressionist made it to the weekly sketch series. Jay Pharoah got his big break in 2010 after his series of impressions including Denzel Washington and Will Smith went viral on YouTube. He's also given his take on Bey's husband, Jay Z.

It would be a "dream" if Novah did get on SNL, which she revealed in a response to a fan.

Watch Novah embody Beyonce above. And be sure to check out her cover the late Whitney Houston in her tribute, #ToWhitneyLoveJade, below.

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