Let's face it, you know you're an official part of pop culture when there's a game show category named after you. That's exactly what happened on 'Jeopardy' last night (Nov. 11), when a Beyonce category was revealed for the first time.

The three contestants on the game show answered all kinds of questions related to the multi-talented singer, including the name of her daughter, the woman she played in the movie 'Cadillac' and the name of the childhood group she was in.

All of the questions were answered correctly, which shows just how much people know about the 33-year-old. Howeverm one contestant, by the name of Arthur, botched up the title of one of B's most popular tunes.

When Alex Trebek asked which song included the lyrics "That liquor get into me," Arthur answered 'Drunk on Love' instead of 'Drunk in Love,' costing him to lose $1,000 right on the spot.

If you think about it, it's been a while since Beyonce's fame was confined to just R&B and hip-hop realms, and last night's 'Jeopardy' episode showed that perfectly. At this point, one has to wonder if she can get any bigger.

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