The Twitterverse exploded this morning (Oct. 14) when alleged paparazzi photos of a topless Beyonce surfaced online.

The pictures that are causing a stir on the the social media platform show a woman, who people think is Queen Bey, lounging on a beach without a bikini top. In some photos, she's covering up her breasts while exposing them in others.

Beyonce quickly became a trending topic on Twitter as fans questioned the authenticity of the photos. The BeyHive has come to the conclusion that the pictures are not legit.

"They try say those were beyonce's leaked nudes. lol please. if beyonce nudes were leaked Jay-Z would get his people to cut your internet off," one Twitter user wrote.

While the photos don't look like Beyonce (sorry fellas, we can't show them here), this brings up the issue of invasion of privacy when it comes to women in Hollywood. Recently, singer Ariana Grande shut down talk over her own alleged nude photos, claiming they were fake. Last week, Iggy Azalea had to curse out a paparazzo for taking photos of her and a friend at a grocery store.

Take a look as Beyonce's fans sound off in the tweets below.

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