The showdown between Anti-Beyonce and Anti Anti-Beyonce protestors finally had it's day on Tuesday morning (Feb. 16) but there was one problem, the Anti-Beyonce protestors were a no-show. It seems this game went to Team Queen Bey.

Mary Pryor and Mela Machinko were two of the main organizers against the Anti-Beyonce protestors.

"The entire song is not anti-police, it's not filled with hatred. It's not about something that's threatening at all. We're a group of women along with countless others that have signed on that kind of want to be a voice," Machinko told The Boombox. She added that they want to "counteract the negativity that's out there."

Beyonce was met with some backlash after she debuted her song "Formation" in which she boasts about loving her "baby hair with baby hair and afros" and "negro nose with Jackson 5 nostrils" and its accompanying video. But many took her declaration of love for some black features as a slight against others. The music video also showed imagery in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. But it was her Super Bowl Halftime performance that got viewers in a tizzy. After Beyonce and her back-up dancers dressed head-to-toe in gear that was an aesthetic nod to the Black Panthers, a rallying cry against the performance echoed throughout America -- so much so that the offended vowed to protest in front of the NFL Headquarters in New York City. However, only two protestors showed up to voice their distaste for the "Love on Top" singer.

Similar to Bey's gear during the Super Bowl, the organizers encouraged participants to wear outfits that evoked the Black Panther Party. Also, in order to stop misinformation from spreading, the Anti Anti-Beyonce organizers also took the time to remind tweeters that the Black Panther documentary airs tonight on PBS at 9 p.m. EST.

Check out some photos from the protest above and below.