It's here! Mommy-to-be Beyonce has finally dropped her mod-tastic video for 'Countdown' on MTV, after teasing us earlier this week. Through the funky, collaged editing of the clip, we see an ecstatic, glowing Bey showing off her growing bump in some super edgy maternity wear and breaking out into energetic, Audrey Hepburn à la 'Funny Face'-inspired dancing. "I am the same woman and I have the same passions," B said in an interview after surprising the world with her pregnancy news at the VMAs.

It's true, because Queen B looks as fierce as ever. Rocking one vintage-inspired look after another, including a giant pink shirt get up and a sequined tan mini, B dances her heart out to the romantic jam. She also appears in various stages of her pregnancy. One thing's for sure -- she proves impending motherhood isn't slowing her sexy.

Watch Beyonce's 'Countdown'

How will the fans react? Her legion of supporters have surely been staring at the official 'Countdown' page all day, which features B's seductive glamor portraits, wherein the music star is wearing a golden-amber crown, sparkling jewelry, blond 'do and nothing else.

One thing's true, B's not letting her pregnancy impede her passions, but we do hope she takes it easy now that the real wait begins.