Holy Beysus! Beyonce is raising some eyebrows with a photo she posted on her Instagram page. The picture features Queen Bey replacing Jesus in the middle of a mural depicting Leonardo DaVinci's famous religious painting The Last Supper.

The 'Drunk in Love' singer left no caption with the photo so it was up to the viewers to figure out what she was trying to portray in the imagery.

To be clear -- Beyonce was only posing on the counter of Miami’s popular Jugofresh juice bar, which features the Andy Warhol painting of "The Last Supper" colored in camouflage. You can actually buy a print screen of the painting here.

So no harm, no foul, right? Wrong.

Some of the singer’s followers on Instagram took umbrage to Beyonce placing herself in front of the Almighty.

"It is disrespectful because she placed herself in front of the king to many," wrote one commentator. "It is almost as if she is saying she is God, and she belongs in his place."

Beyonce’s Instagram photo comes a day after the singer came under fire for using an audio clip from the 1986 NASA Challenger explosion in her song, 'XO.'

The families of the deceased astronauts deemed it inapporpriate and requested that she remove the audio from the video.

Beyonce has since apologize to the families but has not remove the audio from the clip.

What do you think? Is it blasphemous for Beyonce to place herself in front of Jesus in a mural depicting the Last Supper? Tell us in the comments below.