In 'Move Your Body,' the video she released earlier this year in conjunction with First Lady Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign, Beyonce gets down with a cafeteria full of kids, urging her young charges to bust various dance moves -- the eternally glorious "running man" among them" -- and embrace the act of sweating. Could this be the hint of a new career?

Speaking recently with InStyle, the pop diva said she'd like to add educator to a list of vocations that already includes singer, dancer, actress and entrepreneur.

"I want to someday open a dance school for young kids," Beyonce says. "I want to do whatever I can to keep the arts in schools."

No word yet on where the Beyonce Institute of Fierceness and Pop Cultural Ubiquity might be housed, but we're hoping hubbie Jay-Z will sign on to teach English.

Watch Beyonce's 'Move Your Body'