BeyonceFans leaving a Beyonce concert in Salvador, Brazil on Wednesday night (Feb. 10) were worried for their safety when gunfire exploded outside of the arena. Sources say that police officers and a local gang opened fire on each other outside of the Salvador's Parque de Exposicoes arena while concert goers tried to make their way out of the stadium.

According to the Daily Star, fans leaving the 30,000-capacity stadium were forced to run for cover in the midst of the shootout between cops and a gang of teenagers who were firing at concert attendees waiting on a taxi line. No injuries have been reported so far. The concert was Beyonce's second performance in Brazil this week. In recent years, Brazil has made an active effort to minimize it's history of violence, as the country hopes to draw in international events like the World Cup in the future.

Beyonce kicked off the South American leg of her "I Am...." tour in Brazil on Feb. 4. The 'Single Ladies' singer has also been on location to shoot a music video for Alicia Key's single 'Put It in a Love Song,' during her time in Rio.