When Beyonce stood on the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in August to announce her pregnancy in a spectacle of baby bump holding and posing, reports revealed she was three months along. News surfaced this week that conflicted earlier revelations that she would give birth in February 2012, with her and Jay-Z's bundle of joy now expected to arrive in December. Confused yet? Don't worry. Here's a breakdown of the madness.

In October, two months after debuting her baby bump, the '4' creator sat down with Molly Meldrum of Australia's Sunday Night to give an in-depth interview about her unborn child and her career. Meldrum announced she was expecting a baby in February. That would mean Bey conceived in May. Check his reveal at the 9:15 mark below.

Watch Beyonce's Interview With Molly Meldrum

This interview also sparked rumors that the 30-year-old songstress was faking her pregnancy. Why? When the Houston native walked on set to take her seat in front of Meldrum, the plum-colored dress covering her stomach appeared to move inward, which critics said looked as if her precious baby bump deflated. Rumors flew around the Internet and tabloid fodder was given without a hassle. Check the 1-minute mark above to witness the dress snafu for yourself.

During the course of her pregnancy, Hov's wife premiered several music videos from her fourth album '4.' 'Countdown,' 'Love on Top,' 'Party' and 'Dance for You' all showcased the chanteuse in various forms: svelte figures in some, baby bump in another. Since she dropped the visuals while she had a bun in the oven, fans and naysayers had eyebrows raised due to the confusion.

Here's the update: 'Party' was filmed back in August, before she even let loose about the news she was pregnant. In the clip, which dropped in October and also features Roc Nation rapper J. Cole, Queen B doesn't appear with a bump. 'Countdown,' also put out in October, was shot well after the former Destiny's Child member shared news she was expecting -- she flaunts her pregnant belly throughout the video. For 'Love on Top,' Beyonce, dressed in a black leotard, looks to be pre-pregnancy -- side profiles show a slim and trim figure. That video was an October release as well, but her latest, 'Dance for You,' made its premiere earlier this month. In it, the singer moves and grooves on a chair without a belly. There's no pregnant Beyonce here.

On Nov. 11, 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' aired a performance of her crooning through 'Countdown.' Decked out in a tiny black mini dress, the mom-to-be appeared noticeably not pregnant. Questioning minds wanted to know why, but news surfaced that the footage was pre-taped back in July. Watch her flat tummy in action below.

Watch Beyonce Perform 'Countdown' on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

In the latest Beyonce baby bump madness, the Grammy winning entertainer and actress' new due date is next month. A December birth is expected after she explained in a behind-the-scenes clip of her 'Countdown' video that on Sept. 23, she was "six months pregnant." To support her claims, she holds up a copy of the NY Daily News, issued on the same date. This would mean Bey conceived back in March. Check the 16-second mark below to hear her news.

Watch Beyonce Talk About Her Due Date

Watch 'Beyonce's Bogus Baby Bump?'