Hip-hop fan Betty White is at it again. The 89-year-old 'Golden Girls' star, who performed some raps on an episode of 'Community' last year, and referred to 'Saturday Night Live' musical guest Jay-Z as "the hottest thing since sliced bread,' while hyping up her hosting spot on the show, has now made the leap from the screen to the booth, appearing on a remix of British pop star Luciana's single, 'I'm Still Hot.'

"I'll rock your world with my cheesecake," White jokes, on the ridiculous Dave Audé-produced club track, which is currently No. 3 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs chart.

While the collaboration is somewhat perplexing, it was apparently commissioned by The Lifeline Program, a life settlement provider for seniors. If the song wasn't enough, its visual has also been shot, starring a gang of buff dudes, Betty White on a gold throne and a 20-foot snake.

Check out some teasers for Betty White's 'I'm Still Hot' video here.

Listen to Luciana's 'I'm Still Hot' Remix Featuring Betty White

Watch Betty White on the Set of Luciana's 'I'm Still Hot' Video

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