Beanie Sigel Philly rapper Beanie Sigel received some big support from boxer Bernard Hopkins recently, when the legendary fighter stopped by the Eric B. & Friends Morning Show on Monday (Nov. 23.)

The former middleweight and light heavyweight champion, who appeared in Beanie's 'State Property 2,' verified that former labelmate Jay-Z had Sigel forcibly removed by police after he allegedly dissed Hova at an October Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia, featuring Jay, D-Block and Trey Songz.

"He had K9's smelling, they said everybody had to move to the side to escort Beans out," Hopkins stated. "I'm coming like, 'Yo, what are all these police for? See you're the man, you shut this s--- down, it's your show!'"

The show's host, Eric B., attempted to defend Jay's position, arguing that Jay may not have known about that the actions of the police. "Jay don't really know what's happening behind the scenes," Eric B contended. "Bernard, that's like when you come to the ring -- you don't know what happened at the ticket booth, or with security, but ultimately you're responsible."

Hopkins maintained his position however. "This was set up beforehand, because they didn't want Beans or none of the bulls in there. I didn't want to get into it too deep, but there was more to it," Hopkins countered. "It was in and out, and they were looking for hammers and everything. I understand this wasn't a regular show, but this was a whole different look, on some assassination bulls---. If that didn't happen, I could probably agree with you [about Jay]. But when they go look for one dude, and tell him he got to leave? Maybe I'm wrong."

After being escorted from the premises by police and suspecting subliminal insults on Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3,' Beans took his issues public, releasing several diss songs over the past couple of weeks, including 'Average Cat,' 'How I Could Kill Jigga Man,' and 'Think Big.'

Jay has yet to openly respond to the songs in question, however more will surely follow, as Beans preps his upcoming release, which is said to be through G-Unit. Hopkins' next fight is scheduled for Dec. 2 against Enrique Ornelas. Pending the outcome, he will then face fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. on March 13.