Presidential hopeful Ben Carson is trying to keep it real. In an attempt to attract the youth vote, the 64-year-old surgeon and author released a 60-second rap radio ad and, yes, it sounds absolutely ridiculous.

The $150,000 ad features get-out-and-vote rhymes from a rap novice named Aspiring Mogul with soundbites from Carson. Over a plodding beat, Mogul spits, "If we want to get America back on track, we gotta vote Ben Carson as a matter of fact.” Incredulously, Mogul horribly fails with rhyming Carson with "awesome."

Since the ad hit the airwaves, Carson has tried to distanced himself from it. "I support, you know, them in doing that. But, you know, I probably would have taken a little different approach," he revealed on CNN's Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield.

Inevitably, the slander came swift and heavy on Twitter, and in this case, rightfully so.

"NO. This can't really be the real Ben Carson ad. I am crying. This gotta be an Undercover Brother outtake," tweeted one person.

Rapper Aspiring Mogul, who describes himself as a "Christian Republican Rap Enigma," is taking the slander in stride. He tweets:

Read the rest of the public's reactions to Ben Carson's goofy radio ad and listen to the song below.

Listen to Ben Carson's Radio Ad

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