Leave it to the Beastie Boys to pull out all the stops while on the promo run for their highly anticipated album 'Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2,' set for release on May 3 via Capitol Records. The rap trio set up shop in Madison Square Garden on Saturday (April 23) to hold a Livestream, but as fans click on the link to take a look at what the New Yorkers have to offer, it's apparent something is amiss.

The 'Make Some Noise' creators decided to skip out on showcasing themselves but rather let a boombox do the talking -- in this case, rapping -- for them. In the middle of Madison Square Garden's basketball court, the New York Knicks logo decorating the floor, stands a single boombox with two microphones at its front. Besides a mysterious person dressed in a gorilla suit and the occasional maintenance employee passing by the camera, the arena is empty but the sounds of some of the Beastie Boys' recognized tunes --'Too Many Rappers' featuring Nas, 'Don't Play No Game that I Can't Win' -- fill the air.

Check out what the Beastie Boys have in store on the Livestream below.

Watch the Beastie Boys' Live Stream on 4/23

Watch the Beastie Boys' 'Make Some Noise'

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