Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel is the target of a lawsuit from a New Jersey man who says that he was shot at a party for the former Roc-A-Fella rapper at Philly's Club Solo in 2009.

Tyheem Baker filed the lawsuit in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia County on Friday (Mar. 4) explaining that he was shot in the chest during a "Beanie Sigel & Friends Birthday Celebration" party on March 7, 2009 at Club Solo. Baker says that the incident took place outside of the club's restroom, and details that he suffered from fractured ribs.

In addition to Beanie Sigel, local Philadelphia radio station WUSL Power 99 FM, and Clear Channel Communications are among ten defendants named in the lawsuit. According to Baker, his shooting was a result of "joint and concurrent negligent, reckless, intentional, willful and wanton conduct of the defendants," because his attacker was allowed entry into the club with a weapon.

Baker is seeking $50,000 in compensation, in addition to coverage o of his medical bills. In other Beanie news, the rapper mentioned he was eager to collaborate with the Cash Money crew and interested in 50 Cent film projects for the new year. His last album was 2009's 'The Broad Street Bully.'

Watch Beanie Sigel's 'In the Club'
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