It looks like Beanie Sigel is gearing up for war. After a brilliant lyrical display by Beans during the State Property Cypher for the BET Hip Hop Awards, he's quickly capitalizing off that momentum with a new diss track called "Whoever Ain't Gang Gang."

A few days ago, Beans went on his Instagram and shared a snippet of his scathing diss record. While it's unclear who's his target on the record, it seems as if Beans is ready to send some shots off.

"Somebody got to die / even this guy or this guy / even when somebody mama throwing a fish fry / bigger the beef, bigger the clip size," he violently raps.

If you recall, Beans embarked in a very messy beef with the likes of The Game and  Meek Mill. First, he felt the wrath of The Game on "Pest Control." After resolving his issues with The Game, Meek elected to let go a couple of rounds at the Broad Street Bully in his Funkmaster Flex freestyle. Meek's decision to send shots at Beans stems from his decision to reconcile with The Game and how he eviscerated him on Taxstone's podcast.

“What’s the real reason why [Meek] was mad at Drake?” Beans asks. “In my point of view? You was laying in the bed one night, you rolled over and you looked at her and you asked her, ‘You fuck that nigga?’ And she ain’t answer you in the way you wanted to.”

Take a look at some of Beans' IG posts. As you can see, he's locked and loaded.

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