Beanie Sigel is still recuperating from gunshot wounds he suffered a week ago and they are still life-threatening, according to reports.

Apparently, Sigel, whose real name is Dwight Grant, was shot in the torso with the bullet exiting his back.

According to NBC 10 News, Beans' sister-in-law, Kamilah Salahuddin, is a person of interest in the case, however, police have been unable to contact her since the shooting.

Additionally, Salahuddin's gray-colored Honda Odyssey was seen speeding away from the incident, which took place in Pleasantville, N.J., on Dec. 5. Furthermore, Rick Childress, who was driving, jumped from the vehicle while police gave chase after the shooting, but was later caught and brought in for questioning. He was later released but remains a person of interest.

Police also spoke to Umar Salahuddin, Kamilah's brother, who was involved in a physical altercation right before the incident, but they're keeping tight-lipped on what those interviews revealed. Investigators also remain frustrated because people aren't cooperating.

"The detectives have brought a lot of people in for questioning, but unfortunately no one's talking," said Rocky Melendez, Pleasantville Police Capt.

We are sending our prayers to Beanie Sigel and wish him a speedy recovery. Get well, Beans.

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