Beanie Sigel has remained in limbo after the dissolution of Roc-A-Fella Records. Last year, things became so extreme that he began taking shots at his former boss Jay-Z and was openly flirting with the idea of signing a deal with G-Unit. That contact never came through, and now Beans is looking for a potential deal from Cash Money while holding out hope to get in on some movie projects with 50 Cent.

In a recent interview, Sigel revealed that had no real qualms about signing up with Birdman for his next album.

"Right now, I wouldn't mind f---- with Baby," he said to 804 Enterprise. "Majors, nah. I'd rather go with independent. As far as labels out there I wouldn't mind f----- with Cash Money. I wouldn't mind f----- with the Birdman."

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean an offer is on the table. Sigel has been working on an album entitled 'The Classic' for a long while and has certainly lost most of the hype that he had at his Roc-A-Fella peak. He sees film, particularly the sort of rapidfire, straight-to-DVD scripts that 50 Cent is currently plowing through, as another way to move his career forward.

"I wouldn't mind f---- with Fifty right now," he continued. "Doing some movies, some s---. But I definitely f---- with the Birdman. Shout out to Birdman, Lil Wayne."

Here's to hoping that wherever Beans ends up, we get more music from him throughout 2011.

Watch Beanie Sigel's 'All the Above'

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