Troubled Philly rapper Beanie Sigel was arrested again on Sunday, Aug. 15, and charged with possession of marijuana. Sigel was en route to a private event at Kelly's Bar in New Jersey, where he was scheduled to perform, when his car was stopped in Wrightstown, NJ, at 12:44 AM. Police found a small amount of marijuana, charged Sigel for "possession of under 50 grams," and released him.

Both of Sigel's companions in the car were also charged with possession, but it is not known at this time whether any of them were jailed. Sigel was forced to cancel his performance at the bar, which is owned by a local NJ councilman.

Sigel has a history of arrests that include weapons possession and parole violation charges (for testing positive for drugs). He was acquitted of murder charges in 2005. His forthcoming indie album, 'The Broad Street Bully' has an alleged release date of Sept. 1, but there has been little promotion for it.