Sure, Kung Fu Panda is considered a movie for kids but that doesn’t mean us adults can’t have a little fun as well. BAIT has used the film as inspiration for their latest Diadora collaboration and it looks to be as big a blockbuster as the film.

The Diadora S.8000 mimics the fuzzy feel of the karate-kickin’ character with a black and white faux pony hair upper. The shoe is devoid of any other color but is absolutely rife with the signature Italian craftsmanship that the brand is known for. The fuzzy affair is given a rich leather heel tab and tongue as well as slight trimmings on the mid-panel for just the right amount of textural contrast.

Kung Fu Panda 3 hits theaters on January 29 and this themed Diadora S.8000 will follow shortly thereafter with an exclusive drop limited to BAIT only.

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