When rumors of Lil Wayne's forthcoming rock album 'Rebirth' first broke, no one knew what to think. Having just released the highest selling rap album of the year, it seemed an odd, potentially disastrous direction for the rapper's career.

In January, the album's first single, 'Prom Queen,' leaked, reaching #15 on Billboard's Hot 100, yet the label was rumored to be shelving the album. Then the second single 'Hot Revolver' debuted two weeks ago, reaching # 33 on the Hot 100, a far cry from the status achieved by the singles from Wayne's 'The Carter III' perhaps, but still viable.

Now Wayne's "father," Cash Money Records CEO, Bryan 'Baby' Williams has weighed in to set the record straight about 'Rebirth.'

"It's not a rock record," Baby told VIBE. "That's what I think people are getting misunderstood. When you speaking about a rock record, you think he's got a guitar and everything, but it's not that. It's going to be some of those types of beats, but it's just great music. I don't think no artist can do what he about to get done. My son is a rock star."

While the first singles definitely have "a guitar and everything," and a video recently hit the net with Weezy strumming the chords to 'Prom Queen,' Baby argues that it's all part of Wayne's art.

"He can rap, he can sing, he's just an artist," Baby explained. "I don't think no one will ever be greater [than Wayne] because I don't think no one puts in the time or the quality. If someone do come along, can you imagine what he'll have to do? He got to put out on thousand mixtapes, do a thousand records [and] sell 100 million records. 2Pac, Jay-Z and Biggie didn't get to the shit Wayne's done."

'Rebirth' is scheduled for a June 16 release date. Guess we'll have to judge for ourselves.