Before B.o.B. makes his VMA performance debut next month, fans can catch an intimate performance with Bobby Ray during his first session for MTV's 'Unplugged' series, which was recorded live at Metropolis Studios in New York City on Wednesday (Aug. 18)

With the support of a full band, and his own guitar in hand, B.o.B kicked off the six-song set with the heartfelt tune 'Letters From Vietnam,' off of the new album. The eclectic emcee was smartly styled in wide-rimmed glasses, a newsboy cap, bow tie and a full-length trench coat, which he shed by the time he transitioned into his performance of the album's intro track 'Don't Let Me Fall.'

After warming up with the two ballads, Bobby Ray turned up the energy levels a bit with the upbeat song 'Magic.' Despite having to replay the song twice due to some sound snafus, he remained in good spirits and lightheartedly joked with the intimate crowd about the mishaps. For his hit 'Airplanes,' B.o.B. invited his pal Melanie Fiona to the stage to lay down the vocals in place of Paramore's Hayley Williams. The bubbly songstress was well-received by the crowd, and Bobby Ray kept the guest features rolling by summoning crooner Robin Thicke to the stage next, to perform the album's lead single 'Nothing On You.'

After an encore performance of the smash single -- which required Thicke's help one more time -- an energetic B.o.B. took a few minutes to ham it up with the audience, even parodying the 'Family Guy' theme song.

The last number of the evening was the Janelle Monae-featured track 'The Kids,' which commanded an appearance from the eccentric songstress. Monae appeared on stage just long enough to drop her vocals on the track, and then exited as B.o.B. flowed into his guitar-heavy rendition of MGMT's 'Kids,' to wrap up the set.

B.o.B.'s Unplugged special will air on MTV on September 1.