Though troubled rapper Charles Hamilton recently did a stint in the psych unit of New York's Long Beach Medical Center, his friend and collaborator, chart-topping Atlanta artist B.o.B insists that he's not completely insane.

"You have to understand ... Charles Hamilton is not crazy," B.o.B explained in an interview with Vibe. "He was in a place of extreme possibilities music-wise. He has not veered in on the reality that he wants to create. As with all artists, if we were astronauts we would be on Pluto. We dance on the line of insanity. We really do. If you look at some of the greatest artists in history, they were really out there. It's like that movie 'Inception.' If you don't keep something like a totem to keep you remembering who you are, you'll get lost."

The 'Airplanes' rapper/singer seems to be Hamilton's lone voice of support in an industry that so quickly turned their backs on the former blog star. To that end, Bobby Ray continued to say that Hamilton has been doing fine since his release from the psych ward. "He's in good spirits," B.o.B confirmed. "Charles and I are cool. I talk to him a lot. He's always discovering himself, putting his experiences into his music. What I noticed about Charles is he's very creative ... We would freestyle and he would rhyme for like an hour straight. He will be OK."

In a recent interview, Charles returned the show of love for his friend, saying "He [B.o.B] is, by a mile, the only artist who has reached out to me ... B.o.B is doing what he must in this business. I wish I had the desire to be a megastar. As it stands now, I only want to be the Charlie Llama. A voice youth of all ages can turn to for a sense of unparalleled paralleled friendship and companionship."

B.O.B's 'The Adventures of Bobby Ray' is in stores now. Charles Hamilton recently released a mixtape while institutionalized, entitled ',' which you can download here.