As the world prepares for T.I.'s return, his Grand Hustle protégé B.o.B. has dropped a pretty nasty street single called 'Epic,' featuring longtime collaborator Playboy Tre and MMG signee Meek Mill.

Though his debut album 'B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray' dropped a little over a year ago, B.o.B. recently revealed that he's already 90 percent finished recording his sophomore effort, which sounds like "a happy medium between the sound of 'B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray' and the mixtapes."

Despite the success of his crossover tracks like 'Nothin' On You' and 'Airplanes,' B.o.B. always sounds best when he's rapping hard, and if 'Epic' is any indication, he's coming back pretty serious on his next LP.

While B.o.B. and Meek definitely do their thing on 'Epic,' the standout here is Playboy Tre, whose Lil Wayne-channeled verse is a scene-stealer over Lil C's rumbling beat, leaving us thirsty for his upcoming 'Patron & Instrumentals' project.

"Foolish as Will Ferrell," Tre raps. "But ain't got a 'Step Brother'/ I'll f--- your stepmother/ I cuss cause I like it b----/ F--- h--, motherf---er/ You mad 'cause I'm ballin' (ha!)/ Life is a motherf---er/ Short as a leprechaun/ So hater live life a little/ New s--- droppin' soon/ 'Patron & Instrumentals.'"

Listen to B.o.B.'s 'Epic' Feat. Meek Mill and Playboy Tre

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