B.o.B. and Lil Wayne could have gone a completely different direction with the video for 'Strange Clouds,' which wafted in over the Interwebs this morning. The single is filled with booze and weed references, and it seemed likely the visuals would find our heroes hanging in the club, getting their substance on.

Instead, the duo gets symbolic, hanging in a field of weeds -- get it? -- as black clouds and flashes of colorful light swirl overhead.

There's an end-of-days vibe, but neither B.o.B. nor Weezy seem particularly freaked out. They're in their element, as is T.I., who makes a cameo, and the gang of dancers that gets down in an alleyway while children scamper around in the background.

Also, there's a scantily clad woman on a horse -- either because B.o.B. references a stallion in the first verse, or because it looks cool.

Luckily, the closing seconds suggest a happy ending, as the rapper -- who drops his 'Strange Clouds' album early next year -- walks through the fields in what looks like morning sunshine. Then again, it's the same lighting that opens the video, so maybe the rappers are trapped in an endless cycle of disorienting darkness.

Or maybe we're rethinking it. The song is about booze and weed.

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