Reporting from his tour of Asia, B.o.B. found time to shoot a Motion Family-directed visual for his new track, 'High Life,' while hanging out with some international babes on a rooftop in Singapore.

Overlooking the city at night, from the stomach-turning vantage point of an infinity edge pool, the 'Airplanes' rapper-singer introduces the breathtaking metropolis to his fans, as he has in his 'Asian Adventures of B.o.B.' tour video series, this time to the tune of an Aristocrats-helmed instrumental.

"Right now you are looking at Singapore. Exactly. Breathtaking, there's nothing to say," the 22-year-old explains in the video's glib intro. "As you can see already. This is one of the most amazing views you'll probably see in your lifetime. And you probably won't get here, but thanks to me and Motion Fam, you're able to see it firsthand. Come over to the edge."

Sipping a drink as he relaxes in the pool, B.o.B then proceeds to launch into the 'High Life' lyrics, an uncharacteristically ballin' bragfest that suitably matches the stunning view in the background.

"My check's worth more than your net worth/ I got a network about the size of the next earth," he raps, while dining on a deep-fried seafood dinner.

"Grand Hustle in the building. Tip comin' home soon, so you know it's a problem!" he warns at the video's end, with a laugh, as he leans back in the pool, threatening to spill into the city.

Looks like fun. Grand Hustle founder T.I. is due for release from prison on September 29, 2011.

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