Atlanta's B.o.B may have come up as one in a new wave of unique rappers like Kid Cudi and Drake, but he has strayed far enough from that original blueprint that his new mixtape is entitled 'No Genre.' The full-length and feature-laden effort hit the Internet earlier today and sports a wide variety of styles that stretch from traditional southern hip-hop to pop songs tailored for radio play.

Features on 'No Genre' include B.o.B.'s Grand Hustle boss T.I., Houston icon Bun B, our favorite hypeman Playboy Tre and G.O.O.D. Music up-and-comer CyHi Da Prince. Production comes from the artist himself as well as some of the game's biggest guns like Jim Jonsin and the legendary Quincy Jones. There is also a track produced by the nearly unstoppable pop hit scientist Dr. Luke. He's produced huge singles for everyone from Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson to Ke$ha and probably had a hand in writing most tracks you hear on Top 40 radio this very second.

"You know, I didn't think that this year would unfold in the way that it has," B.o.B. recently told CBS in an interview discussing his five Grammy nominations and breakout year. "It's really taken me by surprise. It's taken me on a ride that continues to become more and more dynamic ... As I reflect on all the things we've done and accomplished this year, I wouldn't have chosen to collaborate with any other artists."

Download 'No Genre' for free here.

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