As he gears up for his debut album 'The Adventures of Bobby Ray' rapper B.o.B. is setting his sights on an even bigger career aspiration: Broadway. In a recent interview the Atlanta native explained that he wants to break into other arenas besides being an emcee. "I want to do Broadway," he explained. "Like I definitely want to do a show [on] Broadway but call it like 'The Adventures of Bobby Ray' ... do every song from the album but Broadway style, like we act a scene and it goes into a song."

The Grand Hustle artist didn't stop there. He is also looking to put his skills to use by becoming a television talk-show host. "I feel like some artists, they become so much like personalities," he said. "Like Steve Harvey is kind of like ... a personality. I feel like at some point that's what will happen with my career."

If B.o.B does decide to take the stage on Broadway or become a talk-show host, he will be following in the footsteps of other members of hip-hop. In 2008 Jim Jones headlined his own off-Broadway play, while rapper-turned -actor Queen Latifah parlayed her career success into hosting her own talk show from 1999 to 2001.

'The Adventures of Bobby Ray' hits stores April 27.