During Aziz Ansari's new standup special "Dangerously Delicious," the "Parks and Recreation" cast member and noted hip-hop fan calls into question whether 50 Cent knows the difference between a grape and a grapefruit.

The setup for Ansari's joke is as follows: the comic is eating at his favorite New York restaurant, when he spots 50 Cent eating nearby, and overhears the rapper order a grapefruit soda.

"The waiter brings him a grapefruit soda, and then 50 Cent said the greatest thing anyone could ever say when they see a grapefruit soda," Ansari explains. "He looks at the waiter and goes 'Why isn't this purple?'"

Ansari, who recently appeared in Kanye West and Jay-Z's "Otis" video, and remixed "N----s in Paris," continues to riff on 50 Cent's fruit confusion, revealing that the G-Unit honcho may not know his citrus.

"It took me a few seconds, and I realized -- oh my God, 50 Cent has no idea what a grapefruit is! It just blew my mind, how does 50 cent not know what a grapefruit is. This guy's been rich for so long, he has to run into a grapefruit every now and then. I do OK, I see grapefruits every f---in' day!"

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