Azealia Banks has virtually become synonymous with controversy. This time, the eclectic rapper is being investigated for fighting a security guard in Los Angeles.

Security footage obtained by TMZ on Tuesday (Nov. 10) shows Banks -- or someone who looks just like her -- attempting to pull a fire alarm at Break Room 86 in L.A. As she walks away, the guard attempts to stop her and things go bad fast. Banks is definitely not one to accept a "no" and in the video, she's seen attacking the security guard after he tries to escort her out. The two are eventually separated after the scuffle. Now, according to TMZ, the LAPD has opened a criminal battery investigation on the "212" singer.

This is far from the first time Banks found herself in the midst of a scandal this year though. In September, Banks called a Delta flight attendant a “f---ing f-----” after she allegedly spit on a passenger on the plane. The incident, which was caught on camera, had fans wondering if Banks' pattern makes her a chronic victim or the firestarter. She later went on Twitter to proclaim that she's not homophobic, but the damage was done.

Things aren't looking too good for the Harlem native in the music department either as she more-or-less cancelled the rest of her tour until January. “Hi guys, I’m very busy at work,” she tweeted on Monday (Nov. 9). “Your coins will be refunded and I will be back in January. NYC, I’ll see u on the 19th.” Banks is slated to play at Terminal 5 in New York on Nov. 19.

Watch the scandalous footage featuring Azealia Banks above.

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