Congratulations to Tinashe for not only beating Alicia Keys in The Boombox Battle for the week, but also entering The Boombox Hall of Fame after receiving her fourth straight win.

With Tinashe now in the Hall of Fame, we're selecting two new songs from artists to compete this week.

First up is August Alsina's 'No Love (Remix).' Featuring the rap skills of Nicki Minaj, who claims it's her favorite song, the crooner sings about trying to fix some issues with his girl, which you get to see play out in the video that just arrived.

"Pop a couple bands with a n---- like me / Loving ain't the same with a n---- like me / You used to them but ain't no love in me / I hear what you was sayin' and girl it's clear to see / You should just drink a couple drinks with a n---- like me / You pro'ly go insane with a n---- like me," August sings on the hook, reminding his girl he's the one for her.

Competing against Alsina is fellow singer Chris Brown with his new song 'Autumn Leaves.' Featuring Kendrick Lamar, Breezy also sings about a relationship that isn't working. Using natural metaphors in his lyrics, he sounds emotional over the synthy R&B melody while Kendrick quickly flows with his massive verse.

"I've been bleeding in your silence / I feel safer in your violence / I hold on like leaves and fall to what is left / Before I sleep I talk to God / He must be mad with me, it's coming / I'm confused who'll I'll spend my forever with," Chris sings on the second verse.

Who'll win this battle? Will Alsina's "take me back" track inspire fans to vote for him? Or will Chris' heartbreaking ballad win the votes? It's time for you to decide. Vote for your favorite artist’s song once per hour until the polls shut down on Tues., Sept. 23, at 10AM ET. Now get to it!

Listen to August Alsina's 'No Love (Remix)' Feat. Nicki Minaj

Listen to Chris Brown's 'Autumn Leaves' Feat. Kendrick Lamar

Rules of The Boombox Battle
Two artists and their respective songs compete against each other each week. The triumphant artist goes on to compete in the next The Boombox Battle. If an artist wins The Boombox Battle four times consecutively, their song will be honored in The Boombox Battle Hall of Fame.