It's been years since a white rapper shut down New York City, but Asher Roth managed to do so when he rocked the Gramercy Theater last night (April 21).

D.A. and Max, better known as Chester French, warmed things up for Roth with their corky blend of dork (no offense) pop rock. Shuffling between tracks off their debut 'Love the Future,' including the single 'She Loves Everybody,' D.A. got the crowd pumped and ready for Roth.

The kush-loving, Pennsylvania-bred rapper, along with his band, DJ and producer Oren Yoel, took the stage and set things off with a tribute to all the weed heads. "We're making strides toward the reformation of marijuana laws," Roth proclaimed after running through 'Lark on My Go Kart' and 'Blunt Cruisin'." The rapper continued on with 'La Di Da' after expressing his angst toward paying taxes.

If ever there was a question of genuine talent, Roth surely proved all those not willing to embrace the hype surrounding the 23-year-old wrong when he dropped his "Good Health" freestyle. "I want fruit, f--- you fructose," Roth rapped, adding "organic is the answer/ truth is this, everything causes cancer." It's not the most "gangsta" of topics, but it's a new day folks!

A few more special moments capped the evening, including the band's two step/choreographed moves to the Soul For Real's 1995 hit 'Candy Rain'; Beanie Sigel's appearance for 'Perfectionist; and 'As I Em,' featuring Chester French. But the night wouldn't be complete without the rapper's anthemic first single, 'I Love College.' The excited crowd jumped up and down with Roth and refused to exit, forcing an encore. The MC returned to the stage and delivered with 'Roth Boys,' his version of Jay-Z's 'Roc Boys.'

'Asleep in the Bread Aisle' is available in stores and at all major online retailers.