With the Spring weather finally approaching, Easter Sunday was perhaps the perfect day for Nike Sportswear to throw its first stickball tournament outside its flagship store on Mercer Street in New York City's SoHo neighborhood.

The event coincided with the New York Yankee's first official game of the baseball season at Boston's Fenway Park. But, it was Nike's SoHo street game that turned into a block party you would imagine straight out of a movie -- fierce yet friendly sports competition, Italian ices, Asher Roth playing the field, Kid Cudi chilling with the people and Q-Tip manning the turntables to make sure the party remained in full effect all afternoon.

"Asher," screamed his team leader. "This guy's a pull hitter. Shade to your right." Roth got more play and notice in the field than many of the other players, but generally kept things light. He invited people to the event by warning that they would be watching him "single up the middle" all day.

Q-Tip did his usual thing on the ones and twos, spinning a solid mixture of New York hip-hop (Jay-Z, A Tribe Called Quest, etc.) and some stone cold classic jams like Michael Jackson's 'Rock With You.' At one point, Tip even stepped to the plate to get in the action. The result? Not so good. Q-Tip took a few whiffs and probably decided that music was more his thing.