R&B songstress Ashanti enlists the lyrical stylings of Busta Rhymes on her new single, 'The Woman You Love.'

On the track, the New York native opens up about a love that isn't sitting well with her heart. "With everything that I gave/ And all the love that we made/ It never should've took place/ I gave you my heart/ You betrayed it and I know/ I should've let you go/ 'Cause I'm back where I was before, baby," she belts out over the kicking bassline.

Busta Rhymes serves up a quick-paced verse, spitting back that he knows he's the reason for his babe's heartbreak but he's not going to let her get away. "I know at times I really hurt your head up/ And I stress you out and really get you fed up/ I ain't never, never gonna let up unless it make you happy for me to shut up," he raps.

The track, released through Ashanti's Written Entertainment, is set to appear on the singer's forthcoming fifth album, currently untitled. Her last album, 'The Declaration,' dropped in 2008.

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