A$AP Rocky's fans witnessed a memorable show from the rapper this week in London when a thief stole a $15,000 Rolex right off his wrist. The Harlem representative stopped performing at the Camden Electric Ballroom on Wednesday night (June 6) to find the culprit, even leaping down into the crowd.

"Does it look like I'm playing right now?" a shirtless Rocky yelled at the audience. However, the "Peso" creator didn't want to disappoint the rest of his supporters and continued on with his set. "We not gon' end our show just 'cause somebody took a $15,000 watch. Fuck it, man."

A scuffle ensued offstage and a fan apparently recovered the rhymer's missing Rolex from the person who attempted to steal it. "Fuck that n---- up," Rocky shouted on the mic. "Beat his ass!"

Watch A$AP Rocky Fight to Get His Rolex Back

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