Rapper A$AP Ferg became an instant trending topic on Twiiter and the butt of everyone’s joke after misreading a tweet about his sophomore album.

It all started when Artistic Manifesto founder Michell C. Clark tweeted a story about Ferg announcing the title of his forthcoming album. The Harlem MC mistook the word “forthcoming” as “fourth coming,” and thought that meant album No. 4 was on the way. Not quite, Ferg.

The "Shabba" rhymer attempted to correct Clark by tweeting "second," referring to the fact that his second album would be arriving, not his fourth. Clark was understandably confused. "Sorry if there is an inaccuracy somewhere, something we need to fix?"

"You said fourth coming album it's only my second," Ferg responded, to which Clark clarified, "ohhhhh, lol nah 'forthcoming' means it's on the way. Nothing to do with the number 4. But thanks for checking us."

Ferg claims that he was just speed reading through his timeline when he made the error. "hahhh that's what I get for speed reading . You was right bro thanks for the shout," he tweeted.

Unfortunately, Ferg’s gaffe left him open for the Twitterverse to clown him endlessly, causing him to become a trending topic.

By the way, A$AP Ferg's second album is titled Always Strive and Prosper and it's due to arrive in January.

Check out the hilarious fan reactions to A$AP Ferg's grammatical mistake below.

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