After dropping new songs like 'Doe-Active' and the Philo$ Cult-produced 'Perfume,' A$AP Ferg just released his new mixtape, 'Ferg Forever,' which is hosted by DJ Drama.

Other standout tracks include the Big K.R.I.T.-produced 'Bonnoroo' (featuring Wynter Gordon), 'Fergsomnia' (featuring Twista), the Mike WiLL Made It-blessed 'Thug Cry,' 'Now' (featuring MZ 007 and Crystal Cains) and 'This Side' (featuring YG).

On 'Uncle,' produced by Clams Casino, the Harlem representative gets pretty personal and details a few issues he has with a drug-addicted relative.

"You was dead but walking, I mean you never taught me nothing / Talking about nothing but how you be buckin' / Walking through the block like if you was tough / And you always got f---ing up, oh my Uncle got stabbed / Granddaddy never gave two f---s claimed it was good for your ass," he spits.

Besides inviting some of his A$AP crew to be on the tape, it also has guest features from SZA, Big Sean, MIA, and others. At 19-tracks long, Fergstein gives you a lot to listen to. Clearly, the tape should tie over ardent fans until his next album.

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Stream A$AP Ferg's 'Ferg Forever' Mixtape

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