All eyes are on Ariana Grande in her new video for "Focus," the first single off of her forthcoming album, Moonlight.

The first thing casual fans might notice is that the singer threw her brown tresses to the wind in favor of lilac-colored hair. The pastel-filled visual also gets artsy as it switches between close-up shots of the singer's eyes and lips to her posing in a cylinder that looks like the inside of a camera lens. She also pretends to snap some selfies and strikes some moves in a purple box.

Later, she channels the Spice Girls for some choreographed dance moves with a group of back-up dancers in the Hannah Lux Davis-directed effort.

But it seems the songstress' hypnotizing mantra to "focus on me" has a deeper meaning than superficiality.

"I'm not asking to be the center of attention. I'm not asking you to focus on my clothes or my face or my body or my singing voice. By focus on me, I literally mean focus on me. On what I'm all about, on what I believe in," said the Yours Truly creator in a promotional video for the single. "The more we focus on each other as people and not what we look like, what we’re wearing, our gender, our hairstyle, our sexuality, the color of our skin, but focus on each other on a soul level, that way we’ll realize how much we have in common."

Lux Davis is also the camerawoman behind "Bang Bang" by Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj as well as Lil Wayne's "Love Me."

Watch the colorful clip above.

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