After recovering from a mystery illness late last year, Aretha Franklin is ready to kick her heels up and have a good time for her birthday.

According to reports, the Queen of Soul is planning an ultra exclusive bash celebrating her 69th birthday. Franklin is said to be having the party at an undisclosed luxury hotel today (March 25), with special guests and performances. Her publicist, Tracy Jordan, revealed that prior to the party, Franklin will also catch the Broadway play 'Driving Miss Daisy,' which stars James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave.

Although it was recently reported that Franklin was suffering from pancreatic cancer, the legendary singer never confirmed having the illness, despite having surgery in December. Earlier this year, Franklin remerged appearing noticeably thinner, but denied reports that she had gastric bypass surgery.

"It definitely was not the bariatric or, what is it, gastric by -- Yeah, I can't even tell you the correct name of it," she told Access Hollywood "It's really not necessary to talk about one's personal medical [health]."

The former Motown songstress later told Wendy Williams that her weight loss was due to a change in diet.

Now appearing to be in good health, Franklin is ready to get back to work. Her forthcoming album 'Aretha: A Woman Falling Out of Love,' is scheduled for release May 3, while she will head out on tour later in the month.

Watch Aretha Franklin's 'A Rose Is Still a Rose'
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