Apple's reign doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon. Apple Music, a new streaming service, was announced during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco today (June 8). In a not so surprising move considering those $19 million deal rumors, Drake showed his support for the service and shared some insight on the stage alongside Apple executives Tim Cook and Jimmy Iovine.

Drizzy, dressed in a vintage Apple employee's jacket, specifically spoke about Apple Music Connect, a place where musicians give their fans a closer look at their work. “As I’m working tirelessly on this next album, this comes at the perfect time for me,” he said. “Given the great success of my last mixtape, which went directly to iTunes, I can’t wait to incorporate Apple Music and especially Connect into what I’m doing next. I’m really excited about what I’m working on.”

Apple Music Connect is bringing something new to the table. This will allow fans to follow their favorite artists on Facebook and Twitter through the app. Fans will receive exclusive content from artists and in turn, they will be able to send out personal messages to their fans. Fans will relish in this great offering because they'll be able to respond and share the messages that was sent over to them.

“As an artist I can say, for all those kids sitting at home, it’s truly amazing to be a part of something that I believe in," Drake continued. "This is something that simplifies everything for the modern musician like myself and the modern music consumer like you.”

A press release on the Apple website dubbed its newest creation as "a single, intuitive app that combines the best ways to enjoy music." The revolutionary service is hoping to claw its way past competitors like TIDAL and Spotify by offering a slew of can't-miss deals for music-hungry customers.

For starters, everyone will be offered a free three-month subscription. Can you say winning? In addition, the premium subscription will run you about $10 per month. If you really want to get the family involved in joining the Apple party, you can consider the family plan, which goes up to six people. That will cost $15 per month. Lastly, Apple has finally decided to show love to Android users by making the app available for download.

After Beats Music tanked, Apple purchased Beats for $3 billion and vowed to make some serious changes to its streaming service in 2014. Now, Apple is hoping to reshape the minds of music aficionados with their rejuvenated streaming app.

Jimmy Iovine threw in his two cents regarding the behemoth that is Apple Music and ensured listeners that Apple will deliver by guaranteeing “revolutionary music service," "24/7 radio," and a way for “connecting fans with artists.”

Another nice attribute of Apple Music will come in the form of  their radio bit called Apple Radio Music, which will provide the listeners with worldwide radio access 24 hours a day. That's right, "Beats 1" will be a radio service controlled by three power players from London, New York, and Los Angeles. Those power players are Zane Lowe in L.A., New York's Ebro Darden of Hot 97 and Julie Adenuga representing L.A. They will help curate some amazing playlists from their respective locales and give listneres something new on the regular.

Are you ready for June 30?

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