ApacheNew Jersey rapper Apache died today, after battling an undisclosed, protracted illness. The former Flavor Unit MC, born Anthony Teaks, made his first appearance on '45 King Presents: The Flavor Unit.' His salacious single 'Gangsta B----,' a song dedicated to rugged love (and produced by A Tribe Called Quest, oddly enough), was his biggest hit reaching No. 11 on Billboard's Hot Rap Singles chart in 1992.

"Without Apache there would have been no Queen Latifah, no Naughty By Nature, no Chill Rob G., no anything" said Shakim Compere, co-founder of Flavor Unit Records. "Apache was the string that tied all of Flavor Unit together. Without Apache none of this would be."

The Flavor Unit was originally comprised of Apache, Queen Latifah and Latee, but later took on Naughty By Nature, Freddie Foxx, Chill Rob G., Lakim Shabazz, Nikki D and more. Apache also dropped two hardcore releases on Tommy Boy Records -- the 1992 album 'Apache Ain't S---' and his 1993 followup, 'Do Fa Self.'

He will be missed. Reminisce here.