Antoine Dodson has a message for his "ho-ho-ho-homeboy" Santa Claus.

The Alabama native became 2010's biggest Internet sensation -- even taking the No. 1 spot on The BoomBox's Top 10 Viral Videos list -- after chasing a "bed intruder" out of his sister's room and animatedly recounting the events for a local TV station, where he famously warned "hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife ... and hide yo' husbands because they're rapin' everybody out here." Dodson's interview collected millions of YouTube hits, and with the help of Auto-tune was tweaked into the 'Bed Intruder Song' which amassed 50 million views on YouTube in four months.

Now, Dodson is back with one for the Holiday Chart called 'Chimney Intruder.' In his Christmas jingle, which premiered this week on 'Lopez Tonight,' Dodson warns "hide yo' gifts, hide yo' trees ... and hide yo' eggnog because he's taken' everything." Watch the video after the jump.